Lending — Three Debt Risks – Debt Consolidation

Encouraged by the bad experience of repaying loans contracted at a variable interest rate, citizens have turned to a safer way of borrowing and are increasingly contracting loans at a fixed interest rate. The term fixed interest rate refers to the agreed annual interest rate, which is the same for the entire loan repayment period.

Mortgage Loan: CAPE +1 Rate At 2.65% Over 20 years

JC Loan offers a convertible rate mortgage “cape + 1”. A loan whose rate may fall and whose ceiling rate is secure. JC Loan Proposes a Winning Formula for the Borrower JC Loan is proposing a revised CAPE +1 Coupon Rate at 2.65% over 20 years. This variable rate “TOTALLY secure” is capped at the

Unsecured debt

If you have debts and no assets, all your debts, with the exception of some government requirements, will be considered as non-priority debt and thus subject to a dividend calculation. Dividend calculation is a relative distribution of the item Allocation creditors, calculated according to the size of the debt. If we assume that the debt

Annuity mortgage explained

When you buy a house, you may use a mortgage. But which mortgage is best suited for you? And what do all those types of mortgages mean for you? In this article we look at the annuity mortgage that, in addition to the other well-known mortgage types such as a start-up mortgage and a linear

Buying Real Estate Credit and Consumption

The purchase of credit adapts to the specificities of each home. For those who are responsible for both a home loan and consumer loans, the loan consolidation allows to include or not the current mortgage. If the latter is included, it is easier to obtain a reduction in monthly payments. The choice to include or

Signs to identify a good mechanic for car insurance

Entrusting your car to a mechanic is difficult when the place does not arouse any confidence. That is why it is important to choose the right workshop, so you can be calm every time your car presents a program. These are the basic signs to identify a good workshop: All information is available:  They don’t