Amorepacific Art Museum further exhibits contemporary art collection



Installation view of the exhibition “APMA, Chapter Three” at the Amorepacific Museum of Art (APMA)

The Amorepacific Art Museum returns with a third edition of its collection, reviving contemporary art after a major exhibition of its pre-modern Asian art.

The exhibition “APMA, Chapter Three” is the third exhibition presented by the museum since it presented the art collection of the cosmetics giant Amorepacific Group since 2019. Presenting contemporary art, the exhibition presents around fifty works of art by renowned artists from Korea and abroad.

Installations by Korean artists Lee Bul and Choe U-ram are displayed in an exhibition hall as the highlight of the show.

Lee’s work on display includes “Crush,” “After Bruno Taut,” and “Cyborg W7,” which challenge human desires and our frustration with our pursuit of perfection. Choe explores excessive desire in relation to technological development through her kinetic sculptures of mechanical creatures. Choe’s “Ultima Mudfox”, which is the artist’s very first Anima-Machine series, is on display at the exhibition.

Installation view of the sculptural works of Lee Bul and Choe U-ram (APMA)

Installation view of the sculptural works of Lee Bul and Choe U-ram (APMA)

The exhibition also includes a special space dedicated to the famous Korean painter Kim Tschang-yeul, who died on January 5 at the age of 91. Kim is widely known for his water drop paintings which he explored for around 50 years. The space dedicated to the artist presents “Recurrence”, the series of paintings that began in the mid-1980s.

South African artist William Kentridge delves into South Africa’s past and present, particularly with regard to the lasting impact of apartheid politics. Although he is best known for his charcoal cartoons, he is also an acclaimed director of theatrical productions featuring his works. The video work of the artist “KABOOM! Is played in the exhibition hall, which tells the story of 2 million African carriers and carriers who were forcibly recruited by British, French and German forces during World War I.

The exhibition encompasses a myriad of themes and contemporary art forms from the 1960s to the present day. American artist Donald Judd who emphasizes the purity of objects by transforming industrial materials into precise geometric shapes is among the artists whose works are presented. His untitled work on display shows the 12 aluminum bars of different colors installed at regular intervals, emphasizing their relationship to the surrounding space as basic units of space and color.

Other artists include Steven Harrington, an artist and designer based in Los Angeles; Danh Vo, Vietnamese artist based in Denmark who explores themes such as capitalism, colonialism and immigration; Rochelle Feinstein, a New York-based visual artist who is best known for her abstract paintings that incorporate text to address both personal and social themes; and Adam Pendleton, an American conceptual artist who combines images and texts referring to various materials from African-American history.

“These Elements of Me” by Adam Pendleton (APMA)

The museum’s “APMA, Chapter One” in February 2019 unveiled the company’s contemporary art collection while the second “APMA, Chapter Two” exhibition in July 2020 featured the antique art collection featuring 1,500 works. art and treasures designated by two states. The third exhibition, which runs until August 22, features important contemporary works of art that were not shown in the first exhibition.

Launched as a Museum of the Pacific in 1979, the museum was reopened as an Amorepacific Art Museum in 2018 at the group’s new headquarters in Yongsan-gu, central Seoul. The company founder began collecting Korean art in the 1960s when he realized the importance of cultural heritage while traveling for business in Paris, according to the museum.

Online reservation is required on the museum’s website in advance to visit the museum.

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